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March 27, 2024

NAR Settlement

There has been a lot of conflicting information that has been reported about the National Association of Realtors (NAR) lawsuit settlement. The settlement has not been approved yet, and there could be additional changes.

Here are the current facts:

Effective on or about July 15, 2024 all Realtors will be required to do the following:

  1. Buyer's agent commissions cannot be disclosed on the Multiple Listing System (MLS).
  2. Agents must have a Buyer's representation agreement before a house is shown.

What does this imply for you?

The settlement would preserve the choices consumers have regarding real estate services and compensation.


  • A listing agent will negotiate the listing commission with the seller.
  • Once this rule goes into effect, listing brokers and sellers could continue to offer compensation for buyer broker services, but such offers can not be communicated via the MLS.


  • A written buyer's agent agreement specifying the maximum commission the buyer is responsible for is necessary.
  • Just as sellers negotiate commissions, buyers will now negotiate with their agents.
  • Buyer commissions can be paid directly from the buyer, as a seller paid concession, or as a portion of the listing broker's compensation.
  • Buyer agreements can cover one or multiple properties and/or span a defined time period.
  • The buyer's agent should document the commission amount and how it is to be paid on the sales contract, which can match or be less than the agreed-upon amount in the buyer's agreement.



Aug. 7, 2023

Memory Care in Delaware

Are you concerned about family members who are need of memory care, assisted living or other types of facilities? I was provided this info and wanted to share it. Check it out and I hope it is helpful. Let me know if this is valuable to you or not.

Delaware is a small state of just over 1 million people with a large senior population. Over 19% of residents are aged 65 and over, and Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are a growing concern for older Delawareans.

Here is the link to for Delaware


If you are looking for active adult (aka 55+) communities, I can help with your search


Jan. 31, 2023

Importance of getting pre-approved for a mortgage when looking to buy a house

Purchasing a home is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. For many buyers, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is the first step in the process. Pre-approval involves working with a lender to determine how much of a loan you can qualify for and the terms of the loan. This can give you an advantage over those who have not taken the time to get pre-approved and can help you find the home of your dreams. 

Pre-approval gives you a realistic idea of your financial situation and what you can afford. It allows you to shop within your budget and narrow down your search and focus on only those homes that are within your price range. 

Mortgage pre-approvals give you an edge when making an offer. If youre competing with other buyers, having pre-approval gives you a leg up since the seller knows youre serious and have the means to back up your offer. 

Getting pre-approved also helps you avoid delays in the closing process. Since the lender has already looked at your financial situation, they can generally move quickly on your loan once youve found the right home. This can give you a competitive edge in any market. 

Overall, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is an important step in the home-buying process. It can give you the confidence you need to make an offer on the home you love, and the assurance that youre within your budget. It can also make the closing process much smoother, so you can move into your new home sooner.

Are you Ready, Willing, and Able to buy a house?

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Jan. 28, 2023

Philly Home + Garden Show

Philidelphia Home + Garden Show

Friday, Feb. 24: 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Feb. 25: 10am - 8pm
Sunday, Feb. 26: 10am - 6pm

Start today with 50% off tickets using promo code 1MONTH. With hundreds of home improvement, remodeling, and decorating professionals under one roof, whatever your project is, our experts will be able to help. HURRY! The offer expires on February 7, 2023.

*Discount offer only valid on regular adult admission price: $12. Tickets valid one time only, one day only.


Plus, don't miss Joe Mazza live on stage Friday and Saturday and Jeff Devlin on stage Saturday and Sunday.


Philly Home + Garden Show

* Kevin Burkhardt, RE/MAX, and are not affiliated with the Philidelphia home and garden show and are not responsible for offer details.

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Jan. 22, 2023

Importance of having a good credit score

Having a good credit score is essential to being successful in life. A good credit score can help you get approved for loans, make it easier to rent an apartment or house, and can even help you get better job opportunities. In short, having a good credit score is a must if you want to make sure you have a secure financial future.  A good credit score is a measure of your creditworthiness, or how likely you are to pay back a loan. A higher credit score means you are considered more creditworthy and will have access to more lending opportunities. A higher credit score can also help you get lower interest rates, which can save you money in the long run.  Your credit score is also an essential factor when it comes to renting a place to live. Landlords often use credit checks to determine if applicants are financially responsible enough to pay their rent on time. If you have a good credit score, you are more likely to be approved for a lease.  Having a good credit score can also help you land a job. Many employers use credit checks to determine if an applicant is financially responsible. A good credit score can help employers trust you with money and other sensitive information.  Overall, having a good credit score is essential to having a secure financial future. It can help you get approved for loans, make it easier to rent a place to live, and even help you land a job. It is important to build and maintain a good credit score, so make sure youre paying your bills on time and not taking on too much debt.


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May 19, 2022

Thunder Over Dover 2022 Airshow

Dover Airshow this Weekend! May 21st and 22nd.

Both Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds will perform. Visitors are welcome both Saturday & Sunday and the museum should be open as well. Many planes will be on display. If you have very young children or older ones who are sensitive to loud noise, consider bringing hearing protection for them. Some kids love the noise; others are terrified! The Schedule of events is online. Enjoy!

Dover air show Blue Angels

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May 12, 2022

Music concert

First State Symphonic Band Spring concert:

May 14, 2022 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm at Smyrna Opera House by First State Symphonic Band $10 – $20 | Performances

Download Concert Program Download Concert.


Tickets available at:

First State Symphonic Band (

Concert Order

  • A Patriotic Salute
  • Hypnotic Memories
  • Abide With Me
  • Carmen Suite
  • Is That All There Is?
  • Pageantry March
  • The Olympics: A Centennial Celebration
  • The Lion King: Soundtrack Highlights
  • Ellington!
  • American Flourish
  • Always United, Forever Strong
  • Armed Forces Salute
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Encore


See all scheduled performances at:

Performances - First State Symphonic Band


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Feb. 3, 2022

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